Better Practices, Better Yields: Gramophone’s Field Day Event At Bankpura


On December 08, 2018, we organized our ‘Field Day’ where farming practices used by the farmers in the current scenario were compared to the well-researched practices given by the expert agronomists at Gramophone. The objective was to showcase the potential that newer technologies have for farmers. The field experts guided the farmers and kept a track of the crop across the cropping cycle and the results were quite encouraging. Manish Agrawal, a farmer from Bankpura village (Dhamnod) mentioned,

“I have been taking help from the experts at Gramophone this season and as compared to the other fields, my crop is healthier and I expect an improvement of 30-40% in the yield”.

The idea was to maximize the profits of farmers and help them understand why a technology-driven approach is a new way out. Right from the soil testing to having a proper well-driven practice that suggests relevant risks and also tells the farmers how to mitigate them, Gramophone is there to understand every need of a farmer. Typically, farmers opt for a method that is more curative and not preventive. By the time they see a risk it is already affecting 75% of their crop and hence their inputs and cost automatically increases.

The difference between onions grown with the help of proper packages and practices vs normal way of farming done by a farmer.

While, on the other hand, in the preventive method the farmers are warned and guided about the relevant risk that might affect their crop and how they can save it from the risks. This further is a projection of what technology can do, it can predict the possible risks that can affect a farmer’s crop and help him reduce his cost. It was also observed that the yield increased by 40% and the farmers input were 1.5x less when he used the practices suggested by Gramophone.

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