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Real-time Solutions by Our Agronomy Experts for Farmers

Gram Salah focuses on equipping farmers with all modern techniques of Farm Management. It also aims to reduce Information Asymmetry by giving personalized agronomic Intelligence, weather & mandi prices to the farmers.

Farmers can add a farm to the Gramophone platform and our recommendation engine will make sure farmers get timely alerts about seeds, fertilizers usage, disease prediction, their cure, and much more as per crop stages. We are delighted to serve 1000s of farmers who are buying the paid version of Gram Salah – farm management services as a SAAS product.


Disease Prediction &
Cure Advisory
Higher Crop Yield
by 30-40%
Seed, Fertilizer,
Nutrition Advisory
Saving on Agri-Input
Cost by 10-15%
Language Support

Get All Agri-Input Products of Top Brands with Gram Bazaar

Gram Bazar acts as a one-stop-shop for all the agri-input products for farmers. Farmers can buy input products of all top brands, with the convenience of doorstep delivery from our app, call center, or Gram Uday Centers.

Gramophone gram bazaar offers seeds, pesticides, crop nutrition, supplements, and agri hardware products. We ensure the timely availability of a wide range of products and also introduce new product innovations for the farmers from time to time. We also ensure farmers get authentic and quality products.


Wide range of
agri-input products
Quality and
All Top Brands @
Same Place
Free Home
100% Customer

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Buy & Sell Crops to anyone from anywhere in India

Gram Vyapar enables Post Harvest Market Linkages by bringing Farmers, Vyaparies (also called Traders), commission agents, and processors on the same platform. This feature facilitates farmers to find trusted traders, allows them to connect with a click of a button, and get better rates for their crops.

Similarly, vyapaari can list his/her buying requirements and find farmers easily. Gram Vyapaar is a digital mandi making the buying-selling process for the farmers and the traders simple, convenient, and time-effective. The platform also eliminates the middle man, making the process more economical.


Sell Listings for
Find Verified
Connect Directly to
Close Trade
Buy Listings for
Daily Mandi Price

A Social network of 5 Lac+ Farmers and Agri-experts

Farming ecosystem in a Trust-based Economy, inducing referrals has been key to the growth of the platform. The growth of the Gramophone is built on Gram Sabha, a network of farmers and experts that amplifies the impact stories and increases the velocity of local innovations to reach the masses.

With Gram Sabha, Farmers get a chance to interact with fellow farmers and experts which allows them to enhance their knowledge. This agri-knowledge results in following a better package of practices and building a community that knows how to use modern farming techniques.


Meet Fellow
Share a Pic & Find
an Answer
Learn & Help
Real Time Expert

Save your Soil for Long Run with Super Fasal Program

Our approach is to make agriculture sustainable which involves working on soil health and practicing Integrated Crop Management techniques. Super fasal program aims to capture the very first step and work on soil health by knowing its composition.

Under this program, farmers get the soil of their farms tested from renowned institutes and reports of soil testing are delivered at their doorsteps. Also, the basis on soil type, its composition our agri-expert prepares the package of practices for their upcoming crop.


Soil Testing from
Top Institute
Package of
Guaranteed Crop
Yield Improvement
Get to know
soil composition
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