How Our Farming Practices Helped Various Farmers


On January 16, 2019, we organized our second ‘Field Day’ at Harsodan, Ujjain, on the Ujjain-Maksi Road, where farmers, with the assistance from our agronomy experts, demonstrated the encouraging results. Farmers presented the yield of 120+ bags (50 kgs in a bag) of onions by following the suggested methods and practices suggested by us, whereas earlier the yield was 100 bags, in the same size of the field through their traditional methods. The onion bulbs were bigger and of better quality, compared to the bulbs cultivated with the normal practice.

We aim to provide the best package and practices to the farmers that will give higher yields. We believe that all farmers should be digitally equipped with mobile-based solutions that can give them access to the best quality seeds, crop protection, nutrition products and methodologies to improve crop yields. Our Field Days are an attempt to show the results that properly researched and analyzed cropping practices give against the age-old techniques.

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