The Launch of Gram Vyapaar – Now Digital Mandi on Mobile App


Agriculture in India is a livelihood to the majority of the country’s population. Even though it is the largest source of livelihood, the Indian agriculture sector is crippled with challenges and hindrances, from the unavailability of accurate farm inputs to Farm mismanagement and the lack of Agri intelligence. In order to curb this massive challenge of the Indian agriculture sector, intelligent farming platforms are the need of the hour.

Therefore, Gramophone was established as an Intelligent Farming Platform, enabling more than 7,00,000 farmers to increase their crop yield with smart agronomic solutions, resulting in an increase in their income. At gramophone, our mission is to help millions of farmers with our full-stack technology solutions platform providing Agronomic Intelligence, Farm Management, Weather Advisory, Input commerce, social section and convenience of delivery of Agri Inputs like seeds, crop protection & crop nutrition products. Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of farmers, connected with each other on our multi-lingual App across the country. In order to support the disrupted rural supply chain, we have also tied up with the local young rural entrepreneurs for last-mile delivery which showcased tremendous merit in almost doubling the business.

Gram Vyapaar – A Digital Mandi

In the endeavour to become an end to end data-driven intelligent farming platform, we are moving forward and taking a big step to launch Gram Vyapaar – A Digital Mandi, which will ease farmer’s crop selling worries even more and streamline their crop selling experience. Gram Vyapaar is a one-of-its-kind path-breaking digital mandi platform, where millions of farmers can get connected to thousands of buyers from all across India. The platform allows farmers to create a selling list encapsulating all the details of their crops- from the variety of the crops to the expected prices and the quantity of the available crop, to a detailed description of the quality of the product. Similarly, buyers a.k.a. traders can also create their buying list where they can mention their buying needs from the variety of crops needed to the demanded quantity and the expected price for the demanded crops. This will streamline the buying-selling experience for both the farmers and the traders, allowing the farmers to check the trader profiles and contact them directly through their preferred communication channel. The farmers can either directly call the traders.

The Gram Vyapaar is a digital mandi making the buying-selling process for the farmers and the traders simple, convenient and time effective. The platform also eliminates the middle man, making the process more economical. Moreover, the platform allows the farmers and traders to decide and fix the price rate for the crop and close the deal directly.

Gramophone Continues to Make Farming Easy

Gramophone is solving India specific agricultural problems, which involves being closer to the ecosystem. It started as an m-Commerce platform to sell seeds, crop protection, and nutrition products directly to the farmers. We have built a simple missed call based solution for the farmers where they could talk to Agri Experts to get solutions and buy products. Over the last three years of operations, We have launched Gramophone Farmer App, which has Agronomy, Community and Agri Input retail as the key components to provide scalable and personalised crop care solutions to the farmers. We have also built a crop algorithm based on the personalised information to automate the advisory over the 3 years. Most important part of Gramophone’s approach is that, it is a market based approach where, its has not only provided actionable information but also closed the loop by fulfilling the product needs of the farmers.

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